What I’m working on now

I’ve been making what I call dioramas (for lack of a better word) in small boxes recently. The first ones were in big boxes and were part of a piece called What I See When I Close My Eyes.

I have two currently on view at Art Thou Gallery in Berkeley. Here’s one of them.

Now I’m messing around with the miniature figures again, in even smaller scenes. I also painted them differently, just to see what it looks like. Painting them all black or all white gives them a more iconic presence. When I paint in clothing details, they seem more individual. That gives the scene a different flavor.

Here the backdrop is a photo I took in Central Park years ago with my old Palm Pilot. I like the watercolor effect. I’m thinking of finding public spots I can tuck my scenes into, so people will just come upon them. Now I’ll fiddle with what kind of container to put them in.



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