I went to SFMOMA today to see The Clock. It was worth seeing, but I don’t think I would feel that way if I’d waited 2 hours to get in. I got extremely lucky and got in right away in the morning, partly because they started their summer hours today, opening at 10 instead of 11.

After the movie, I availed myself to the other exhibits. I’m sorry the museum will be closed for three years starting next week! I really love coming here.

I took these photos at the Trisha Donnelly show. I hadn’t heard of her and I found her work to be pretty opaque. I like the spareness of it but I don’t get it. I spent some time sitting in this room with the work, then I appropriated it for my own purposes.

I love taking surreptitious pictures of people. This piece lent itself to that activity since there was so little in the room. Just a nice white backdrop to single out museumgoers.

I went through the Garry Winogrand show too. I’m envious of his ability to take pictures of strangers and particularly to get a group of people looking at different things but creating a beautiful tableau. How does he do that?? I must research his technique.

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