An hour’s work

I got Michael Atavar’s new (ish) book the other day, 12 Rules of Creativity. I loved his previous book, How to Be an Artist. The first exercise in the new book is to spend an hour doing art. Just doing something, without pausing to think or change anything.

Then, post what you’ve done publicly (like, on your blog). He writes, “if there’s no potential for exposure, it’s unlikely that something interesting is happening.” I’m not sure why that would be so, but I’m trying it. I don’t think I can get in an hour a day, but making something and posting it as many days as I can is a good goal.

Today I messed around with a big bag of photos a friend was getting rid of. First, I went through the bag and quickly selected all the ones that appealed to me, for whatever reason. It was the color, the exposure, how people were posed, the composition. I discovered I could focus more on those elements when I looked at the photos upside down.

I laid them on my work table and started to arrange them in pairs. I didn’t set any rules. I just picked ones that I thought looked interesting together.  Here’s what I came up with.


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