Postcard Art

I just found out today that one of my photos was chosen for the High Desert Test Sites postcard series this year! They picked 12 images out of 284 submitted. Woo hoo!

I have not been out to HDTS, which is based in Joshua Tree. It was started by Andrea Zittel (among others), who’s work I fell in love with when I saw her wonderful vintage/future style travel trailer at SFMOMA. It’s on my short list of places to visit in the desert.

Others are the Spiral Jetty and Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels and, of course, the fabled Roden Crater. I’ve been to the Lightning Field and the Very Large Array (not technically an artwork, but awe inspiring nonetheless). Plus, just going to the desert is always on my short list.

Okay, so here’s the image. Legendary Palace is a restaurant in Oakland’s Chinatown. I haven’t eaten there. I only care about the sign. At night.


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