More About Box Art

I didn’t mention that one reason I looked so happy in the previous post’s photo is that my piece was chosen as one of five curator’s picks! That’s out of 100 or so entries. I only found out a few days before so I was still kind of in a daze at the opening.

The curator who picked my piece is Danielle Fox, who owns Slate Gallery in Oakland, recently relocated to 25th Street to join the rest of the Art Murmur hive. She also purchased my piece; more joy!

Sometimes I worry that I’m all over the map with my creative excursions. But I just now picked up Wendy Richmond’s* book, Art Without Compromise, and read this:

I usually work in a direction until I know how to do it, then I stop. At the time that I am bored or understand — I use those words interchangeably — another appetite has formed.

Robert Rauschenberg

* Quotation from Wendy: “I am really smart for forty-five minutes each day.”

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