Art Everyday Update

I’m making art every day. And doing my best to record it here on my blog.

It’s been a busizily few days around here, so let’s recap:

Thursday art: collaborating on the new ji (backbeat) part for a taiko trio piece. Before, the piece was just three taiko. Now it has parts for shime and kane (the ji instruments).

Friday art: Putting together a fun outfit to wear for the Pro Arts event. (More on this later. The event, not my outfit. You have to dig the pink fake fur, though.)

Saturday art: Doing a tango/waltz with Raphael and a “we don’t know how to swing dance but let’s fake it” swing dance with Phil at the Fall Has Sprung Dance in Grass Valley.

Sunday art: Developing an idea I’ve been working on for awhile, an audio “tour” based on Janet Cardiff’s work.

Monday? We’ll see…

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