Box Art 2011

Oh, my poor little neglected blog! I am seriously considering joining the Art Every Day Challenge so that I’ll be forced to do something creative everyday, and blog about it. Apparently, if I don’t have deadlines or external pressure, I don’t do diddly squat.

Case in point: Saturday was the deadline to deliver artwork for the Pro Arts Gallery annual fundraiser: Box Art and I delivered. Last year, I made a video of my block of wood. This year, well, something totally different!

Last year’s blocks had been sanded and looked like virgin lumber. This year, they were in their natural state as recycled beams. Scuffed brown paint, gouges, cracks, holes, etc. I decided to tell the story of this block, a possible story at least.

One of my inspirations was Alain Robbe-Grillet, a French novelist whose narrative strategy was to describe what could be seen from a certain window, for example. The narrator was obscure, as was his reason for describing any given scene, until the story got more involved. Slowly it dawned on the reader why particular information was being given and how emotionally weighted it was.

Okay, he’s really obscure and my sister hates the movie he wrote: Last Year at Marienbad.


My story isn’t quite that obscure, but I loved the idea of making up a story about why there’s a crack or a gouge in the block. The idea that there’s memory in the things around us, the things we touch.

I also like the crime scene feel to it, with the pins and tags marking each spot. The Courier typewriter font I used really adds to the noir feel, as does the discoloration and distressing of the paper.

For you locals, the auction/party is November 4th!


2 thoughts on “Box Art 2011

  1. Gretchen Wegner

    Oh my!! It’s November, isn’t it?! Oh dear…. it would be so much fun to do Art Every Day Month with Leah….and you!! I’m gonna think about it, and perhaps start on the 3rd (*almost* every day). Big hugs, Claire. So fun to play with you tonight.


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