“You Are Entering a World of Magic”

That’s what it said on the door of this little shack in Deep Playa that I stumbled across. Those words were like music to my ears, so I had to stop and go inside.

Of course, I was already in Deep Playa, which is a world of magic. So this was a world of magic inside a world of magic!

I entered through the door you see here. There was another door opposite it labeled “not an exit.” The shack didn’t have a roof, but there was a 2×4 across the top that said “Look up.”

And then I added my own magic.


One thought on ““You Are Entering a World of Magic”

  1. Jane Jackter

    This reminds me of the many places we enter during our lives out of necessity, curiosity, fear or temptation, and see the No Exit sign. It depends on what we see when we look up. Some people are problem-solvers and invent their escape routes quickly. Some see dark clouds and other see sunlight and stars. That view changes as the world turns. But sooner or later we all emerge wiser, and know better than to enter that place again. I’m 80, so I can’t even count how many of them I’ve found myself in….which, I guess, just makes total nonsense of what I just wrote.
    Life would be pretty boring without the on-going experience of dealing with No Exit signs. We just get better, some with more practice than others, at recognizing the places we definitely don’t want to go!.


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