Gallery Discovered

I found a gallery. It’s not new, but newish. I was walking down 6th Street after lunch and my friend and I were about to pass a building that had caught my eye before. It’s painted an interesting shade of brownish grey and has lime green window frames. Plus, it has a small windmill in the backyard! I noticed there was a card posted on the front door. Turns out it’s a gallery, and it was open.

The card said open till 4 and it was a bit after 4 but the door was unlocked so we went in. I felt like we were barging into someone’s house and that was a little weird. At the top of the stairs we saw some people in the kitchen. They welcomed us in and we stood in the hallway. I asked “are we in the gallery?”

The living room behind us was the gallery. It had a couch and a table, but was fairly empty. All the walls held large watercolors. The people who run the place, Farley and Indira, also live there. The building used to be a Berkeley Farms Dairy and the empty lot across the street was a pasture. The windmill is one of the very few still left in the Bay Area. We stood on the back porch admiring it, and then went into the second gallery room (next door to the bedroom) where there was a video installation.

Indira offered us apple grape juice. Both of them were so incredibly nice. It actually was like being a guest in someone’s home. The late Frisbie Street Gallery was also Lanell’s home, but for shows, she cleared out all the furniture, so it didn’t seem as homey.

After we left I thought about how serendipitous it was to find the place, a house I’d admired, and arrive there right before closing on the last day of the show. I’m looking forward to going to the opening on Saturday of their new show.


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