Who Am I?

I just did a fun exercise. Fill in the blank “I am ______________.”

Set a timer and type continuously for five minutes. The idea is to get out of the rut of thinking of yourself in the same roles all the time. I ended up using mostly adjectives rather than nouns though (the last bit came of of nowhere). Try it!

I am elegant. I am wordy. I am a challenge. I am life. I am dancing. I am graceful. I am curious. I am wondering. I am musical. I am listening. I am hearing. I am painting. I am embracing. I am looking. I am an artist. I am whimsical. I am wise. I am right here. I am standing next to you. I am waiting. I am loving. I am rising. I am the sun. I am arms open. I am tall. I am large. I am multitudinous. I am a writer. I am a producer. I am a helper. I am an extractor. I am a medium. I am worthy. I am worthwhile. I am self. I am it. I am God. I am an organizer. I am a business person. I am out there. I am interested in you. I am drinking. I am dreaming. I am envisioning. I am naked. I am hot. I am sweating. I am loving. I am right with you. I am in you. I am wonder. I am joy. I am cool. I am rain. I am light. I am sunrise. I am sunset. I am the earth. I am the universe. I am doing it. I am here. I am knowing. I am asking. I am hopeful. I am laughing. I am smiling. I am still laughing. I am running. I am swimming. I am an artist. I am drumming. I am a drum. I am breathing. I am rising and falling. I am small. I am everywhere. I am invisible. I am singing. I am a nurse. I am your medicine. I am a doctor. I am healing. I am a werewolf.


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