I Could Do This Everyday

Monday and Tuesday were a mad dash to finish my pieces for the Pro Arts Box Art Auction. Conceptually, I was fine. My difficulties were of technical origin.

One piece is a video. It’s a slideshow of photos I took of my lovely block and a narration about objects, perception, vision and ideas. Below are some stills from the video.

Photography, I know something about. Video, not so much. Most of Monday was spent trying to figure out the format, then Tuesday was getting it onto a DVD. I went through six DVDs before the magic #7 worked. Actually, number six worked too, but then I dropped it and cracked the edge. Rats!

The rest of the time I spent chiseling a hole into the block for my second piece. That was fun; and a crucial break from fighting with technology. My sweetie gave me some tips on how to make a door (he’s a clever guy ♥).

Oh, then there was having stills from the video printed so I could mat them and submit them along with the video. I have got to start using a better photo editing program than iPhoto, with which it isn’t possible to crop photos to a specific aspect ratio (as far as I can tell). Art at Canterbury Media was incredibly patient and helpful and didn’t make me feel like an idiot for not knowing what the hell I was doing (he gave me a few extra prints too).

Now, despite my travails, I had a fabulous time creating my work this week. On Tuesday I had to keep my eye on the clock, but in general I was totally, happily absorbed in bringing my ideas to life and working through each problem. I could do this everyday…


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