I’m Not Blocked! Heh, heh

Okay, I’m writing this post as a way of procrastinating on writing a post for my business blog. Also, because I want to remind myself that I’ve got work to do, man! Where the heck have I been all these months? Short version: my studio closed, I went to Burning Man, now I’m back.

I have a block. This is the raw material issued to artists who participate in the Pro Arts Box Art show in November. I think they used to give out actual boxes, but now you get a solid, five inch square block of wood. I already have two ideas, so I’m not blocked (couldn’t resist that one). The first idea is hinted at in the photo, but I don’t want to say more about it because I’m still incubating. Plus, Derek Sivers told me not to.

The artists at Creative Growth are definitely not blocked. Visiting the gallery after going to the other “regular” galleries at Art Murmur always kicks my butt. Whatever those artists do, they really mean it. They’re not ironic or post-modern. That they are developmentally disabled makes me realize that society and culture and civilization in general can smash art flat. I don’t want my art to be like that.

One thought on “I’m Not Blocked! Heh, heh

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