Sugar Mamas Rule

Saturday night was the Sugar Mamas Art Microfunding party. For $25, Karen and I feasted on fabulous soup and drank beer and listened to presentations from six artists. The idea was that the winner would get to take home all the ticket fee proceeds (minus a bit for the beer).

To add to the fun, Prof. Science constructed The Votinator with 6 chutes, plenty of lights and clanging bells and dry ice smoke. Everyone got a ball bearing to feed into the artist of their choice’s chute. The artists were a singing actor, a muralist, a collaborative painter, a social networking performance artist, an art magazine publisher and a singer/songwriter/piano player. My top vote won; the magazine publisher!

Mary is a huge fan of local art, especially the kind that sits around in people’s bedrooms and isn’t getting the exposure it needs. She also plans a calendar and interviews. The mag is called Paper Airplane. I don’t think there’s a website yet, and I left my swag bag behind at the party so I don’t have her info. However, here’s the link to the Sugar Mama page. Get on the list for the next party!

Above on the right are some of the excited, nervous voters. To the left, smoke coming out of the Votinator! That’s Kaitlin in the background shooting pix.

Oh, and there was a trampoline on the roof!!! I almost gave myself a cramp while jumping on it, I was laughing so hard.

Even if you can’t come to the next party, consider donating to this great event. Paper Airplane now has a start-up kitty of $493, so Mary can fund her demo issue.

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