My Gallery Piece

I installed my mini-diorama at the Berkeley Art Center a few weeks ago. It’s called “The Way In,” meaning the entrance for the rest of the series. It’s hard to see in the photo, but there’s a tiny door in the moss on the left side.

It was such a thrill for me to have my work on the wall in a gallery! One more step toward being a real artist instead of the Velveteen Rabbit I’ve been for so many years.

Last Saturday was the opening reception. I met some other artists whose work I want to see more of and was gratified to get compliments on my piece. It certainly doesn’t look like anything else in the gallery. I like that.

I’m a little anxious about getting everything done before Open Studios. Only 2 more weeks. Gaaah!


2 thoughts on “My Gallery Piece

  1. Diana Taylor

    This is awesome. What great joy to be able to create something as in depth as this. Wish I was there to be able to examine it more closely.

    Diana Taylor
    Top Dog
    Pug At The Beach ~ It’s not about a breed it’s about a lifestyle.

    Pug is a whimsical yet philosophical look at life through the eyes of a dog who is part Dalai Lama, part Jimmy Buffett, and a whole lotta fun!

  2. clarina Post author

    Thanks, Diana! Yeah, it’s a hard piece to photograph. More of an experience than something you’d hang on the wall. I forgot to mention that I also created a soundtrack with bells, wind, bird calls and walking in the forest sounds.


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