MAMA Success

The May 1 MAMA HAM event was a total blast. I was a little distracted at the beginning, between setting up my work and then preparing for the taiko performance. People started arriving at the very beginning, 5:30, which surprised everyone (we weren’t quite ready). It was like an art gallery opening, with people wandering around, talking quietly. Then the music started and it turned into a party.

Jess, Susan and I played 3 taiko pieces, including a short arrangement of Chichibu that I created. Jess dropped a bachi and I had to struggle not to hit the wall with mine because the space was so cramped, but we played well and the crowd was very receptive.

I spent the rest of the night meeting new people and checking in on my table from time to time. People really got into creating assemblages and did things that I hadn’t thought of, which was very cool. I loved the way they used the “canvas” and arranged the pieces graphically. Many people used the string as a graphic element and it looked beautiful. I got lots of comments on how fun it was to make assemblages and also just how pretty it looked. So, I deem it a success.


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