Peace and love, Yoko

I’m reading Yoko Ono: Arias and Objects. It’s a wonderful overview of Yoko’s art from the beginning of her career until 1990 and has tons of pictures. I didn’t discover her work until about 15 years ago. I knew who she was, of course, but I only knew her music (which I still don’t like).

Her art, however, blew my mind when I finally came to it. Her ideas back in the early 60’s were completely out there conceptually, but not at all intellectually forbidding. The artwork invites you to play and also to be part of and present with it. In many of her pieces, if the viewer doesn’t participate, there is no art.

So, the book is inspiring me also because I’m going to participate in Kaitlin’s MOMMA HAM event in May and I want to create something interactive for it. I want to engage people so that they have fun and also think, wow, that’s really cool. One thing I really appreciate about Yoko’s work is that it’s so positive and life affirming. It’s possible to be a serious, even a great, artist and still be fun, silly and optimistic.

Yoko winning the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Biennale

2 thoughts on “Peace and love, Yoko

  1. Sally

    I just wanted to tell you that I was, supposedly, as the art gallery opening where John met Yoko. I was living in London (’67-’68) and had gone to an opening and all I remember was someone was crawling around inside a burlap bag…methinks it was Yoko, but I really don’t know. Someone told me later (months) that that night was the famous night of the fateful meeting. Is this true? I’m not sure – I didn’t see the person inside the bag – I do know it was Yoko Ono’s art show…


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