Strange Beings

On my way the Electric Works Gallery in SF last week, I passed a storefront display of mannequins. Just mannequins, in many colors and sizes. I couldn’t get a good photo with the glare from the window, so I went in.

The proprietor gave me permission to take pictures as long as I didn’t touch the mannequins. I didn’t need too, because they were already in such surreal groupings and poses. All I had to do was shoot.

The gallery show was really good. Very large prints of photos by Katherine Westerhout taken in abandoned factories and train stations; just my kind of thing. The Electric Works also has a store selling artist’s books and products and other goofy stuff like toy wind-up squirrels. I recommend it.


One thought on “Strange Beings

  1. Jane Jackter

    Hi, Claire. A wind-up squirrel is right up your ally! When your dad and I lived at 69 W.10th Street in Manhattan before you were born, the building across the street on the corner of 10th St. and 6th Ave. had a second floor loft with floor-to-ceiling windows that faced our livingroom and kitchen windows. It was rented by someone who supplied props for store displays and theater sets.
    It was a wonderland of manequins, feathers, fabrics, life-size lions and tigers and bears, and Christmas glitter crammed into that space.
    Had we known we’d have a photographer-journalist
    daugther a couple of years later who’d be fascinated with that kind of weird and wonderful stuff, we’d have taken a zillion pictures of it for you! Love, Mom


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