AMP Event Report, Part 1

Well, the elevator idea didn’t work out due to space issues, but Natasha, Dan and Derek came up with a cool interactive piece where people could type (at manual typewriters!) and be videotaped, then see their typing on the glass “screen” later. I was only there for set up, so I didn’t get to enjoy the crowd, but heard that it went over well.

Also because of space (the place was a house with rooms, not your usual wide open warehouse-type art gallery), my contributions got their own spot on the second floor. That worked out well because there was music on floors 1 and 3 and my audio piece would’ve been drowned out.

haiku line samplesI taped my make-your-own-haiku lines to one wall and instructed people to mix and match the lines and post them on the adjacent wall. There were blank strips for people to write their own lines too. My audio piece was looping in the background to add to the mood. I got to see one person come in and play before I left. How exciting! I was feeling totally high for the rest of the weekend because the whole installation came out just the way I wanted!

I’ll add the audio piece here later so you can get the more full effect, but I need to tweak a few things first.

I’m hoping to get more details (and pix) about the event at our weekly HAM meeting Wednesday. That’ll be Part 2.


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