Trying Stuff

Went over to my studio today, the lovely and charming 23HAM in Berkeley, to work on my diorama project. I painted the interior black and cut out the fourth wall. I made a lectern out of a piece of branch from my yard. I cut book pages out of ivy leaves. Some of the things I did are keepers, others are not.

I realized that in the past I’ve been too hard on my creative ideas. I go over them in my head and if they don’t seem viable, I don’t even try them. Today, it seemed quite obvious to me that I have to try things to see if they’ll work. Memories of probably every artist interview or biography I’ve ever read popped into my head; trying neat ideas to see if they’ll work is the work of art (part of it, at least). I never read about a painter, say, who started on the left side of a canvas and painted straight across till it was done. Doesn’t happen. How did I miss that?

So I worked happily at things that might never see the light of day.


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