Inspiring Images

I found this camellia blossom face down on my walkway yesterday. It looked so beautiful and perfect. Unfortunately, my camellias are all infected with camellia blight, which makes the flowers turn brown and fall off as soon as they start to open, so the shrub looks pretty bad all the time. I’ve tried to control it by raking underneath, but it seems you have to do it daily to make a difference. And I don’t. The good news is, the flowers look great from the back! Lesson: look for hidden beauty.

Yesterday I went to Japantown to find a groovy backpack. I didn’t find one, but I found this amazing purse with Totoro on it. More accurately, a purse shaped like Totoro, as are the zipper pulls. Totoro is a Japanese anime character who is the keeper of the forest and star of the movie My Neighbor Totoro. I hope someday I will find a magical creature living in a tree in my backyard. Until then, I have my trusty Totoro bag by my side.

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