Ice and Snow

A lovely serendipity: my last post was about fire and this one is about ice and snow.

I went to an unusual gallery the other day to see photos of Antarctica. Some of the pix were of snow and ice and were quite beautiful. There was one of ice stalactites hanging from a cave roof. They looked like lace made from snowflakes, delicate and airy.

Most of the photos were of people the photographer, Karl Nielsen, met at McMurdo station. Sometimes I think it would be really great to go to Antarctica for several months and experience such an odd landscape. But the photographer said that, natural beauty aside, McMurdo is a fairly ugly place. I heard that comment from Werner Herzog also, in his terrific documentary, Encounters at the End of the World (which was shot by a crew of two: a camera person and Herzog recording sound).

The exhibit is up through Friday. The gallery is at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission near Lake Merritt BART in Oakland. You have to sign in, but it’s free. There are also tons of photos of the construction of the new bridge, some of which are quite fantastic looking because of the huge scale.

Mark your calendar! Tomorrow, and every first Thursday, is free day at the Berkeley Art Museum.


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