Art Murmur

Turn out was low for Friday’s Art Murmur since it was a holiday. Lots of galleries were closed too. But I went because I wanted to see a show at a fairly new gallery called Krowswork (it’s a palindrome) that features photography and video. There are two screening rooms. The larger one has whitewashed walls and church pew seating. The smaller one (not sure it’s permanent) is an indoor tent with hay bale seating. Fun!

The only thing I really liked (and I really liked it) was Lauren Orchowski‘s diorama titled “My Fort, Your Fort (pictured above).” The fort is made of black coated wire and has a ladder leading up to it. In the foreground, branches cross in front of the fort. In the background is a back-lit photo of the night sky. It’s mysterious and enchanting. The artist spent November in Iceland as an artist in residence! How cool is that? I’m immediately putting that on my list of dream art activities.

The gallery owner, Jasmine, was very friendly. While I was looking at Orchowski’s piece, she came up and told me that it was meant to be viewed in a darker room so you could really see the effect of the backlighting. Then she walked over to the light switch and turned it off. It did look even cooler then. I don’t know if she always gives her patrons such personal attention, but it was well appreciated. I look forward to future shows there.


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