Taking the Creative Every Day Challenge

I think this is less of a challenge than simply an opportunity to share and increase our enthusiasm for being creative every day. I know that creativity feeds on itself; every little bit counts. Join the challenge!

I found out about this on the charming Leah Virsik’s Twitter feed. I met her yesterday at the fun and inspiring journal making workshop at Frisbie Street Art. Lanell, who runs Frisbie Street, is a generous, creative community builder, and she makes fabulous guacamole!

My journal has, or will have, some kind of decoration/manipulation/exhortation on each page so that I’ll be encouraged to write on it. I don’t know about you, but sometimes that big white blank page is too intimidating. Above is the first page.


3 thoughts on “Taking the Creative Every Day Challenge

  1. Leah Virsik

    Claire, congratulations on starting a blog and for joining Leah’s Creative Every Day Challenge! November was so much fun for me. I’m going to start posting again soon. I’m enjoying your blog so far. Keep going!


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